Sunday, March 21, 2010

lazy sunday (according to 1) :)

okay today is sunday. and it was a beautiful sunday. it was hot, sunny, and evrything i want it to be. howeverrrrrr emmm i dnt feel like going anywhere but to hit the gym lol. thought i was gona work out for like at least an hour but i ended up no more than half an hour. hahaha. i think im getting old now. just real tired cos yesterday nite i was performing ngarojeng dance for the south east asian night. it was pretty fun but still..i did some mistakes (really sory girls..) anyway the previous weekend. we were making satays!! and guess wat,there was 30kg of chicken and then bamm.. 1400 satays!! we spent like 8hours probably but lots of fun doing it.enjoyed it.great they were all sold out yaaay. and now..rite now. wat im doing here is just chatting wit Beatrix hapsari the sexy biatch and she told me how to make a blog anddd tadaaaa here i am.oooh yesss this is my first blog ever! and to me blog seems like an electronic i rite?hehhe thats cool. i mean thats really cool u know..doing evrything online.its kinda silly but yeah im impressed with technology we have these days hahaha :P.
well well well..i think i was supposed to study this shitty microbiology lab watsoeva but as i said this thing realy gets me, you know this blog,blogger,blogspot watever that is, and i just wana explore it (HAHAHA BASIII GELAAA LOOO) geeezz cant believe i could write this long! awww its afternoon now in jakarta i think im gona watch buser now on hahaha im weird eh?i visit that website like daily!evrysingle day and i like it.i like david silahoij, one of the host, but i dont see him much on the news nowadays. did he get fired or sumthing?hehe jokesss :) okay im off now gona wake bea up. im wondering wat shes doing in 15min?she asked me to buzz her in she taking a nap?15min nap?is she a human or wat?hahah piss be! lots of story im gona share to people who like sharing too. so keep an eye people on my blog.hahaha kidding my blog is not gona be that interesting i guess hehe.